Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Publish a Short Story - Day 3

I've been sufficiently distracted by everything that needed to be done for my website. Switching to a new webhost took a bit more effort that I planned. But! It's all up and running now, with an SSL sertificate and everything. I'm very happy with my decision to go with this webhost :)

Now, back to the story!

Day 3

I'm now at the research phase. Fortunately, I've been to northern California a number of times. In regards to setting and overall atmosphere, I find northern CA isn't much different than southern BC. In fact, they even have the same type of trees!

Which leads me to the main thing I need to research in order to get started. It will be very important to describe redwood trees in this story. Some of you might be thinking at this point, wait! Lightbulbs, redwood trees, horror story... WTF?

I know, it seems all scattered and unrelated. For now. I'll have to ask everyone to just trust me on this one :)

Now, if anyone has stories involving northern California, feel free to post away :)

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