Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yeah, it's been awhile

I've been neck deep in wrting my next novel. Short stories are fine and I do get ideas for them every once in awhile, but I prefer the space novel writing allows.

I'm past the halfway point, and hope to be finished by April at the latest. Then, we'll see how things go :)

I'll post more details when I can. Although, I'm debating how much can be posted before (hopefully) publication. Self-promotion is fine and everything, but there is a limit, especially when it's not finished yet. So, I've decided I can safely post the technical details without saying too much for the meantime.

Lily's Next Novel

Genre: Drama/Suspense

Adult fiction: yes, most definitely, not for kiddies at all

All human: yes, sorry, nothing mythical nor paranormal in this one. The suspense is the meat of the story. Very, very, suspenseful.

Chapters so far: 17 (including the prologue)

Word count so far: 52770 words

Total estimate: between 90 - 100, 000 words, 20 - 25 chapters, including prologue and epilogue (extremely rough estimate, all I know for certain is it will definitely be novel sized)

Okay, that's it for now. Sorry for my prolonged silence, I hope everyone understands :)

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