Saturday, July 17, 2010

Death is Not the End

Not much to report today, Saturday and all. But I can tell you I'm reading through obituaries for further research. Trust me, it's a good thing.

(Major points to anyone who can identify the quote used as the title for this post... without using google).


  1. I think it is too a familiar statement to attribute to any one person. It is a common theme in the writings of {my favourites} George MacDonald (Lilith?, Unspoken Sermons) and C.S. Lewis. (Problem of Pain, A Grief Observed?).

    I remember Bob Dylan has a song with that theme if not similar titled.

    This may sound odd, but i enjoy reading well written obits on Saturday morning. You get to learn a bit about the stories of other great (& possibly) anonymous lives.

  2. It is familiar, but it's also a quote taken from something specific (song) ;)

    By the way I'm not reading obits for the stories, although some of them are definitely interesting and even inspirational. It's my little trick to find surnames for characters.


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