Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As soon as I can, I'm hiring a personal assistant

Well, I screwed up. Fortunately the mistake was easy to rectify. So again, I deeply apologize to anyone who was unable to leave a comment before.

I decided to go ahead and put in the new bio on my website. I figured while I was there, might as as well rearrange the text and make it look decent. I have a small obsession with it has to be centered. Er... yeah. All done now. Here's the improved page:


Chapter 3 is going well, though slower than I'd like. It's been an odd month for me. Too much real life crap, and too much on my mind. I don't have writer's block, it's just a matter of clearing my mind and regaining focus. I know how to do that, so it's only a matter of time.

Also, I realized I never really blogged about the agent search. I talked about it on Facebook, but not here. I'm fishing for agents. Casting out the net repeatedly until I get a 'yes.' A couple of rejections so far, but they were very nice about it so I don't feel bad. The rejections only inspired me to keep trying.

I recently ran across another agent listing online. I'm going to try sending her a query letter. That's right, I never give up ;)

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