Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr. Google, You Make Good Maps

Yeah, late post. I had a long day yesterday. An important health related meeting that went very well, needed grocery shopping and a two hour bike ride. I was exhausted.

I should have realized how big of a day it was going to be and that I wouldn't have the time nor energy to finish up chapter 3. But, wherever I was, no matter what I was doing, I continued writing the rest of the chapter in my head. I do that sometimes, and it works well for me. But the time I can sit down and write again, I never forget what I wrote in my head and write it all down.

You know what that means, right? I finished chapter 3! Yay!

Sometimes as I'm writing I'll confront something I need to look up first, such as google maps, web pages about steel corrosion, obituaries. Totally random stuff but all equally important to bring my story to life.

I'm very pleased with the end result for chapter 3. It's a longer chapter which tells me I'm getting into the meat of the story (for the strict vegans out there, let's call it heavily marinated tofu). This is the fun part, where I don't need to map things out as much, I have more than enough to work with, and I can just plow through the words. I love it when I get to this point in a story, it's the best feeling. Almost as good as when inspiration first strikes, though nothing can compare to that feeling.

I love creative writing, what can I say :)


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