Saturday, September 11, 2010

Plot Holes

They're mean little buggers that will pop up out of nowhere. It's the only disadvantage to writing fiction versus non-fiction. Those damn plot holes are way too easy when I'm creating something out of nothing.

The plot hole this time, started in chapter 5, and grew into a monster of a beast when I tried to start chapter 8. So, this what I'll have to do. Rewrite about half of chapter 5, make it less filler and more content. Chapter 6 will only need a couple of very minor tweaks, deleting a sentence, changing some words, nothing more. Half of chapter 7 needs to be either rewritten or replaced and moved to chapter 8. This is the weaving aspect of telling a tale. It's a lot like a jigsaw puzzle where you just can't tell where the pieces will fit until you move things around.

Chapter 5 - Rewrite
Chapter 6 - Minor tweaks
Chapter 7 - Rewrite/or move half a section
Chapter 8 - Will fall into place once all of that is done

Everyone following me? No? Well, I didn't really expect you to, and that's okay.

Some authors, and yes I've seen this happen, will write too much to overcompensate a plot hole they created, rather than going back and fixing it properly. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm not one of those authors. I couldn't care less how much work it takes to make the story flow properly again. The work is worth is because once I clean this up, I can go back to plowing until the story is finished (or until I run into another plot hole).

Back to writing...

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