Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sum It Up

A common mistake of any author, no matter what stage they're at, is not answering a simple question.

What is it about?

Oh, well, this happens, then that happens, and then! This other thing happens...

Er, yeah. That wasn't the question.

Learning to sum up a story idea in three sentences or less, or even better in one sentence only, is an invaluable skill for any author. It'll come in handy at all stages. Aspiring writer, published novelist, etc. Sure, we all have plenty of ideas, and we all want to share our ideas. But take it easy. One thing at a time.

What is it about?

It's about Vlad the Impaler and how he finds his reincarnated love.


It's a Victorian horror novel about a vampire.


It's a novel that uses the mythology of vampires as a guise for Victorian repressed sexuality.

Oh, what's the book called?

Dracula by Bram Stoker.

The sad and brutal truth is, you won't interest anyone in your story ideas, or even a finished novel, if you can't sum it up. I know it's hard. It's very hard. I spend so much time, thought and effort in crafting every single word that I just want to shout at the world, here! Here's all my ideas! But the fact remains, it doesn't matter. No one has read it yet, no one is going to care. Not unless I sum it up.

What is it about?

It's a psychological thriller exploring the difference between a criminal and a modern everyman.

What's it called?

Strays by Lily. Rewrite is more than halfway finished ;)

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