Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm both excited and nervous that after a total of 3 months of hard work, the new website should go live today. There's still a few things to work on but it's mostly behind the scenes stuff.

New Features include:

Vault - A collection of all short stories and poetry.
Gallery - one that actually works with a neat hover effect.
Brain - see my brain, all various projects I work on (a lot more than just writing)
Vagabond Shop - a number of artwork as cool t-shirts for sale (might be more products, check back often)
Bootleg - Eden Fell free download.

Now, don't freak out, but I've decided to put the Newsletter and Contests on hold until the need arises. It's just me working on all of this and I've realized I've overtaxed myself. I love doing the newsletter and contests, I really do, I just can't keep up for now. Hopefully someday very soon. (I need more web demons working for me).

I'll post an annoucement here when the website is live. Exciting!

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