Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Deja Vu

Hi. After a long break, and trust me it was needed, I'm back on track. Re-energized and speeding along. I finished two chapters today. It feels great.

So there I was, trying to be a professional writer, and I ended up having a good laugh a myself.

I proofed and checked the technical info of what I had written so far. I looked at the word count and thought, crap, not nearly enough for a novel and..... wait.... didn't I think that last time?

Then I remembered that, yes, this is exactly how it feels to start a new novel. Of course it's not enough. It's only two chapters! lol

It's amazing to get this point where word count just doesn't matter anymore. I'm at the point where I'm looking at page count. A wonderful feeling. Good to be here.

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