Saturday, December 22, 2012

Three Act Structure

I strongly disagree with the Three Act Structure approach to writing fiction. I honestly don't know how the Three Act Structure became a popular trend. When I first heard of this formula, I immediately threw out, because right away, I could see it's useless and it's not something I can ever apply to my writing.

Here's why I disagree,

The Three Act Structure dictates that each Act is representative of the Beginning, Middle and End of a story.

In reality, this structure is completely a reader's perception of a story.

From an author's perspective, there is no middle. No bridge. No Act Two. An author will have a clear idea of a story, from beginning to end. The fun part of creative writing is figuring out all the little ways the story travels from the beginning to the end. It's about the journey.

Act Two sucks the creativity right out me. If I were to approach every story idea from the Three Act Structure, I'd never finish a damn thing.

On a personal note, based on conversations I've had with aspiring writers, those who regard the Three Act Structure as some kind of Writing Bible, will be those who lack motivation.

I realize that sounds harsh, but I feel honesty is best, especially since this is my personal blog.

No structure will ever be a substitute. There's no short-cut. No secret. Put faith in yourself and trust your own story ideas. Keep putting one word after the other, from the beginning, until the story is complete.

I think it comes down to confidence. Know that no one needs any sort of structure or formula to tell a good story. And tell yourself, you have it in you, to tell a good story.

Three Act Structure be damned.

P.S. Happy Holidays :)

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