Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Wrong Reasons to Become a Writer

1. Show me the money! (Don't hold your breath)
2. Fame, baby! (See number 1)
3. Everybody is doing it! (See that cliff? Everybody's jumping...)
4. I can write better than you! (Yeah, you and everyone else. Good luck with that).
5. World domination! (Hitler beat you to that years ago and it didn't work out).
6. Prestige. (Er, since when?)
7. I memorized every technical book on writing theory. (So, you know nothing about fiction?)
8. I want to sell books and get a ghostwriter to do everything for me. (smacks forehead)
9. I will look like the coolest kid on the block! (See number 3)
10. So I can sue everyone for copyright violation! (You'll have to come up with an original idea first...)

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