Friday, March 21, 2014

Vagabond Shop Has Closed

I'm sad to report I've had to close Vagabond Shop. I operated the online shop through the print on demand company, CafePress. However, I've recently learned that Cafepress has now become what we call in the publishing industry, a vanity press. I've removed all links and associations with the company who attempted to convince me to fill out tax forms for the IRS in order to justify stealing 30% of royalties. I refuse to comply, and with a little help from friends, I was able to determine the truth behind CafePress' so-called new tax withholding rules. It's a scam, simple as that. As a freelance artist and Canadian citizen, under no cicumstances would I ever need to file with the IRS.

Please be aware, if any online print on demand or self-publishing company attempts to convince you to fork over a percentage of your royalties for American tax reasons if you are not an American citizen, it's a scam. I hope everyone will spread the word and help keep our fellow independent artists informed.

I will be adding some designs I had in my shop to the Art Gallery page and providing means to place an individual order using PayPal. I'm not sure exactly when I'll have this set up or if I could provide more products besides T-shirts only, but I'll work as fast as I can and keep everyone posted.

For the meantime, everything on my website is still intact. Please enjoy all writings and artwork available for your browsing pleasure.

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