Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet My Character Blog Tour

Thanks, Katheryn, for allowing me to join the ride!

They Call Him Sam

Interview with a Badass

Today's interview is with the main character of my psychological thriller. Thank you for joining us, Sam.

My pleasure, ma'am.

Are you fictional?

I live in your head, darling.

Where do you live?

Good ol' Tennessee.

When do you live?

I'm living in the here and now.

What should we know about you?

I'm no angel.

Okay, um, what's the title of your story and when will we read about it?

Cottonseeds. Reckon that's up to the folks Lily's been talking to.

Yes, information pending. What's your main conflict?

Murder... and sex.

Interesting. What's your goal?

I'm gonna right the wrongs I've left behind.

When will the book be published?

Sam stares hard.

Lily twiddles her thumbs.

Katheryn J. Avila has always dreamed of being a published author, and recently, that dream has come true! Her novel, Reckoning, is the first in a paranormal sci-fi trilogy she’s titled The Breach. Reckoning tells the story of Lexia, a young woman who discovers that she’s psychic and is thrown into the dangerous world of the supernatural, where she must place her trust in an unexpected ally in order to protect her family.

Twitter: @katheryn_avila

Passing the torch to...

Briana Gaitan grew up in the South, but calls herself a geek at heart. She is a blogger,author,and fangirl who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and Jewelry (bet you never thought you'd hear those three things in a sentence together) For fun, she loves watching any show on the SyFy channel, relaxing with her family, reading, and listening to indie music (sometimes all at the same time). Briana loves to write stories where there are no limits to the imagination. She is the co-author of the fantasy Ethereal Underground series and author of the upcoming Hollywood Timelines Series.

Author Website:

Eva Vanrel. An Author (and Attorney) from New Orleans. Author. Attorney. Her debut novel, The Butterfly Crest, is about a young woman who learns that she is part of an ancient prophecy. Follow her to Japan, as she is suddenly thrust into a world of myths and legends.

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