Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moving On

I take full responsibility for myself and my work. It seems not everyone agrees with that. I wasn't going to post anything else about Damnation Books. I planned to only post the full history that you can see here and be done with it. Move on. My contract expired. I was done with the publisher. Nothing more needed to be said.

Kim Richards, however, as per usual, has refused. She never contacted me about my contract. I started the following email exchange a day after my contract had officially expired.

Personal information is blacked out.

I never heard from her again. I would have expected anyone involved in a publishing business to at least say, of course we're not going to sell new copies past September 9. But, you know what they say about expectations. Don't have any and you'll never be disappointed. Well, I was disappointed.

I waited patiently until September 24. Nothing in my mailbox. With a Cease and Desist I prepared in advance, I mailed it to her. Or rather, the Damnation Books P.O. Box. I also forwarded a copy to Amazon and B&N with the following letter:

The one I sent to B&N is identical. Within three days, the listing was removed from the two retailers. I thanked them both. I'm impressed by how swiftly they handled the matter. Neither were aware that the book is out of print and they also  thanked me for informing them. I thought, fantastic, it's done. I can move on now. I don't need to do anything else. It's over.

Today, I received an email from Kim, which she sent to my old yahoo account instead of my gmail.



Kim, again:

I can't be bothered to respond to empty threats filled with false information. My last reply was simply, “Saved for evidence. Thank you.”

I prefer to end such uselessly dramatic episodes with a lesson learned, but I'm not sure what to say. Run away screaming at the first hint of childishness? Easy to say in retrospect. In truth, I think I just have shitty luck. But that's okay. I'm ready to move on.

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