Friday, October 30, 2009

Bleed for Me - Lily's Halloween Affair

The doors are open! Let's start this with the perfect image.

Spooky and eerrily cute at the same time.
And here's the never before seen excerpt of Bleeding Apple:

      “Ah, screw it,” he said to the blood seeping into the snow. Just one night. Failing to find any firewood, he warmed himself with a lit cigarette. After the last smoke was reduced to the filter, the stench of burning glue filling the air around him, he fell asleep sitting up. He dreamed.
      They're making love and the knife is there. “Hold it up to my throat,” she hisses. He can't. “Then choke me,” she pleads. She wants him to strangle her until she loses consciousness. He won't. “You promised,” she cries. And he did.

And there you have it. Get your copy of the zine today, available at Ethereal Tales!

Stop by anytime today or tomorrow to chat, hang out, or just to say hello. May everyone have have a spooky good time!


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