Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Publish a Short Story - Day 1

As per my announcement in October, I'm devoting the month of November to writing and reworking a short story. Everyone is invited to interact while I'm on this journey.

DAY 1 – November 1st, 7pm

I have done absolutely nothing today. I'm still recovering from Halloween :-D

So, let's at least get organized.

Short Story – Insert Clever Working Title Here


Protagonist: Male, 20 years old

Antagonist: His parents (they're not what they seem)

Secondary characters: His girlfriend, two siblings, bar patrons

Genre: Horror

Sub-genres/themes: Post-apocalypse, mystery, paranormal

Tense and perspective: First POV, past tense

Setting: Northern California, mainly small towns, pit stops

Overall feel: Fire (This is probably something that won't make sense to anyone but me, I just like to keep in mind some kind of overall feel to the story).

Goal: Complete short story by the end of November, minimum 6000 words

All right, there we have it, the bare skeleton for the story and all I need to get started. Often I don't need much and I already have more than enough.

Let's get these typing fingers started. I'll post my progress tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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