Monday, November 2, 2009

How to Publish a Short Story - Day 2

Day 2, 6pm

After getting a lot of work and chores done, then finishing dinner, I'm finally sitting down to work on this. The main thing for me is to create the atmosphere, or setting if you will. The most important scene takes place in a small town tavern. So I went hunting through Google images for inspiration. Of course, I've always had a specific image in mind and didn't expect to find the exact same thing, but a little inspiration always helps.

And... holy crap I found the EXACT image! I kid you not. The photo below is precisely what I've always envisioned.

I love those light bulbs, this is perfect. The light bulbs will be very important in the story. Trust me on that one.

Okay, now that I have the perfect image in mind, I can get to work on research. Since this will be highly fictionalized, I wouldn't need to do that much research. But still, I like things to be as plausible as possible. Plus, I've traveled through northern California so I can use a lot from memory.

I like doing research. I'm a dork, I freely admit it *grins*


  1. Very cool Lily...I am enjoying your journey. It is actually helping me especially with images. You know I never thought of googling images for inspiration or for a possible place or scene that matches the one in my head. I'm going to start doing that. Thanks.

    I also love to research and will research even the smallest of details whether I need to or not. Just something I like to have in my head. Thanks for the blog!
    Suzie B.

  2. Google images is a great resource, I can find anything there.

    I'm glad this is helping you :) This is an interesting experiment for me. I've never posted every single step I take when creating a story. I'm leanring quite a bit as I go along here.

    I hear ya on research. I'm the kind of writer who needs to research every detail, reagrdless if I use it in the text or not. I just need the whole picture in my head.

    Anyway, I'm long overdue for another update, so I'll post that soon ;)


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