Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Short Story Sent

There's just something about submitting my heart and soul to complete strangers that turns me into a nervous wreck. I'm normally a fairly relaxed person, but this activity sets me on edge.

Maybe I just learn to care too much for my stories, who knows.

Regardless, I find I have to actually talk myself into it. Yes, Lily, the story is finished and it's time to send it off. Yes, Lily, it's good enough and there's nothing else that can be done with the story. Yes, Lily, send the damn story already and stop referring to yourself in the third person, dammit.


Okay, I sent it off the word doc to Morpeus Tales after making sure the doc was all in standard format (12 point times roman, 1" margins, double-spaced). I even made sure to get a name beforehand so I know who to address it to. I always prefer to personalize these things.

And now! The waiting game...


  1. I've received dozens of rejection letters. Does not diminish who you are or what you have to say.
    Best of luck. Keep writing.


  2. Thank you very much for your support, Pat :)

    No word yet, but these things take time. I'm hoping the longer the response, the less chance of rejection ;)

    But, if this zine doesn't go for the story, there are always others. This is just my first submission with this story. So we'll see how it goes!


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