Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I wrote my first book when I was seven years old!

My memory works in mysterious ways. For some reason, my retrosective memory is much better than my short term memory. *looks around* What was I talking about? Oh yes, an old memory popped into my head. I have no idea how where it came from, but I remember it perfectly.

When I was seven years old, I wrote my first book. On construction paper and purple crayon. I had one page per chapter. I don't remember exactly what the story was about, other than two tribes of fairies having a war with each other. I do remember I named one group the Rose Fairy Tribe.

Gimme a break, I was seven :P

Now, that was 25 years ago. I have no idea what happened to the book. It was probably thrown out the next year, deemed as wasted construction paper.

There's a lesson in this somewhere. I think all people who are creative types, should save every creative project, not matter how frivolous. (I can well imagine how badly the book must have looked, using crayons for pete's sake).

Anyway, my point is, though I wouldn't be able to use that little book now even if I had saved it, it would have been beneficial to my own self-actualization.

And now... back to our regularly schedueled editing...

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