Monday, July 12, 2010

Crickets Chirping

Back when I started my first blog, it was solely for the purpose of movie reviews. This was about 5 years ago. I've long since deleted that blog. It became rather pointles.

"Wow, I really liked this movie!"

*crickets chirp*

Then I figured I'd start an active blog when I had something to say daily. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of pixels taking up space on the internet. So I started a blog to go with my website, when I received word Eden Fell was accepted for publication, for any updates and news.

Crickets are still chirping...

This gives a very wrong impression. I'm always writing, doing research for my ideas, making notes, working on making social connections, etc. You know, all that behind the scene stuff no one really cares about unless it involves an interesting story.

"Oh, I sprained a finger while sending out a bunch of emails!"

Crickets get louder...

Here's the deal. I work best on my own. I'm not used to saying any of my ideas outload (or online) until the story is finished and (hopefully) published. There are also all kinds of legal issues with posting online, first rights, second and all that. But legalies aside, I had a thought.

Why not share my creative process?

So, while I wait to hear back from agents about the manuscript for my next book, I'm working on various ideas I already have on hand (I make notes on everything) and putting them together to make a complete story.

Here's the main idea: I want to write a series with many theories I have about what will happen in the future. I haven't decided on date yet. I'm hovering between 2035 and 2050. It's highly dependent on what I find in my research.

Genre isn't clear yet. Maybe Sci-fi or just Post-Apocalypse. It's unclear, but it will be dark ;)

This is a pretty big project. Fortunately, I write fast, so I don't perceive it taking years and years. More like, one year at the most. So from now on I'll blog about the ideas and research I'm currently working on (as well as any updates).

Look for a blog post tomorrow :)


  1. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. So happy to see you're on board with this :D


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