Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Early Stages of a Writing Project are the Most Confusing

I spent all day thinking about this project and went to sleep last night with my thoughts still fresh in my mind. I had the strangest dream, one of the weirdest I've had in awhile.

I dreamt I lived in a decent sized house (not my house, some other house). I also had two cats and a dog. I'm not a dog person, I prefer owning cats. Granted I've met some really nice dogs, it seems to depend mostly on the dog owner.

So, I'm living in this house (in my dream) and the two cats are a bit all over the place. The dog (I believe he was some sort of lab cross breed, he had golden yellow fur) had an injured front paw. He had to be carried up and down stairs. The house in my dream had a lot of stairs.

Now here comes the weird part. The main purpose to the dream was training both the dog and the cats to use the same litter box.


I suppose it makes sense in a dream, since the dog was injured. But still completely ridiculous. I wasn't even successful in the dream. Litter was scattered all over the place and these poor pets had no where to do their business. The cats were very confused by the litter box, which was a small cardboard box sitting inside a large cardboard box. And I was merely frustrated throughout the dream.

What was the last thing I worked on before going to sleep? A refresh course on Ice Ages.

Ladies and gentlemen, I've lost my mind.


  1. Or maybe, just maybe. You've found it. I got nothing, very curious.

  2. heh, I don;t have anything either. I'll just quietly move on from this...


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