Friday, August 13, 2010

Halloween Contest! Trick or Treat?


Submit a poem (trick) or artwork (treat). Any length, any style, anything goes! The poem can be as short as 2 lines or as long as you want it to be. The artwork can be a photograph, computer generated or even a hand drawn picture using crayons. All submissions should be original and belong to the original sender.

The only focus should be on Halloween in some way. The poem or artwork can be heavily dark, or heavily silly, poking fun at Halloween or worshiping Halloween. Do your worse!


Email your poem or artwork to Put “Halloween Contest Entry” as the subject (don't want to accidentally delete an entry). Only one poem OR artwork per sender. Max file size is 20MB.

If you have any concerns about sending the file, please contact me and we'll figure out an alternative. No submission will be rejected!


Judging each poem or artwork will be based on whether the above rules are followed. If I get a lot of submissions, I will be enlisting the help of two friends to help me judge.


First Place – Autographed copy of Eden Fell

Second Place – Autographed copy of Ethereal Tales zine which has my short story, “Bleeding Apple”

Third Place – Copy of the Eden Fell Arc (PDF)


October 30th, 2010, Gate Night. Any submissions after that date, won't qualify.

The poems/artwork will be viewable in a special blog post on Halloween, October 31st. Get famous on my blog!

You have two and a half months. Ready... set.... go!

I can't wait to see everyone's entry. :D

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