Saturday, August 14, 2010

Details, Details, Details

Heidi on Facebook just asked me if PhotoArt is accepted for the Halloween Contest. Of course it is! The whole point of this contest is to have FUN. Whatever you can come up with, I'll accept.

But just in case, I'm providing a list of things that you could do. Keep in mind if you think of something I haven't, don't hold back, submit away!


Rhyming Poetry
Epigram (2 line rhyming poem)


Photographs (digital, candid, any subject)
Drawings (using any medium, pencils, paint, crayons, etc.)
Computer generated (from Photoshop to Windows Paint, any program will do)

I don't expect anyone to be a Picasso or a Shakespeare. Judging will be based on merit and whether the rules of the contest are followed. There's only one main rule: Halloween Theme.

That's it. No pressure, anything goes. Just have fun!

Now back to my current writing project. Chapter 3 is one of those chapters where I really had to stress to myself the KISS rule. Keep it simple stupid! Because I have the whole series already in my head (made tons of notes), it's easy to get distracted and want too many ideas all in at once. But, I have plenty of space to work with here, so there's no need to cram everything into only one chapter.

It'll be a series of at least 3 books. (I have 3 outlined so far). I think of this series as a giant canvas, lots of white space, plenty of room to explore.

So after giving it a lot of thought (I think too much, hence, why there's so much text in this post that's in brackets), I've decided to explore one thing only in chapter 3. Which wasn't an easy decision when I have this many ideas to play with.

As much fun as a series is, planning 3 books in advance requires a lot of juggling of ideas. I've often thought maybe I've taken too much on myself. But then I mentally slap myself and think, remember the KISS rule...

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