Monday, August 16, 2010

New Biography Tells All!

So I decided to give my readers something interactive. I've been wanting to write a new author bio for awhile. The one I have up on my website was mostly written by a friend of mine 5 years ago, who listened to me complain, I don't know how to write a bio for myself! I think the main reason I found it too difficult is because I was still finding my author's voice. And now I have, so I'm rewriting my bio.

Here's the interactive part. I'm posting what I've written below. Give me feedback! Let me know what you think! All critiques are welcome!

About Lily:

Versatile, complex and sincere. In her former life, Lily explored the arts and a successful graphic design career. After living in four cities, she was struck by illness and returned to her birthplace of Winnipeg. A passionate fighter, she refused to give up her creative aspirations. She spent years recovering and struggled with her unused creativity.

Living a new life, Lily has redirected her energies into writing and committed herself to creating intricate stories for the modern reader. With several publications, you never know what this unique and determined Canadian will come up with next.


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