Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I constantly have self-doubts. There are two kinds.

The first type is where I question the characters and/or the plot line. That kind of doubt will either result in making a few tweaks to the text or I'll conclude it does work, I just have to finish the story.

The second type is where I question myself as a writer. That one is dangerous and can lead to crushing despair. "I'm a woman, a Canadian, what the hell am I doing writing a post-apocalypse story that involves the American military? I'm not a guy, I can't possibly write this shit!" But then I'll re-read my outline, go over what I've written, or do some more research and get re-inspired.

This time around I've fallen in love with this:

Isn't it beautiful? :D

I've finished the next chapter, by the way, despite all my doubts ;)

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  1. Good work! I hope you're back into the groove now.


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