Saturday, September 25, 2010

Plowing Through the Fields


Hi. Miss me? Well, if you did, I'm back! Yay!

I got stuck in design mode for awhile. I like multi-tasking, but apparently I can't multi-task in several different mediums at once. I guess I am human after all. Darn.

I fixed up the newsletter so if you haven't signed up yet, you definitely don't want to miss the October newsletter. I also designed a web page template for a friend. *waves at Stacy* Check out the new Gothic Gourds HERE.

(No one get the wrong idea. This was a special favor and for a good cause. So please don't bomb my inbox with web design requests, thank you).

Now, where did I leave off? Ah, yes, rewrites. Half of chapter 5 has been rewritten. It flows beautifully now. Chapter 6 only needed a few minor tweaks, all is good. Chapter 7 needed it a complete re-haul, but that's done now and I'm moving on to chapter 8. I'm quite happy with the story so far.

I've realized there's a disadvantage to plowing through a story I have in mind – rewrites. Now, I will freely admit I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so rewrites are normal for me. I think I mentioned this in another post, that for the manuscript I currently have in circulation, one of the chapters took 6 rewrites before it finally worked and I could move on to the next chapter. Plowing through doesn't account for rewrites.

I often change mind. The possibilities in fiction writing are endless and I could easily go in so many directions. I'm also the type of author that's fully capable of writing in different genres. My only criteria is dark fiction, that's my thing. Fluffy romance? Will never happen. In all fairness, I'm just no good at fluff. Some authors are, I'm not. We all have our thing. I feel as an author I should realize my limits in order to understand just how far I can go.

I'm a fast writer, I prefer it that way because I think fast and need to keep up with my thoughts. But as I've learned with this whole plowing technique, I can see the advantage to taking the time to craft every single sentence. If nothing else, it avoids rewrites.

Fast or slow? I've concluded like so many things when it comes to fiction, that it doesn't matter. I'll do whatever the story needs, whether it's fast, slow or needs 6 rewrites.

I'm a slave to my work... and I love it :D

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