Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where's YOUR entry?

It's September 1st, are you getting your entries ready for the Halloween Contest? Remember, you only have until Oct. 30! Get your entries ready :D

I'm looking into possibly posting my screenplay online. The idea makes me VERY nervous, but I'm being brave and looking into it. What I'm thinking is posting an excerpt only, maybe keep the title hidden, or use a generic title. "Screenplay" by Lily. Something like that. I would really like some feedback, but the question for me is, at what cost? Feedback is wonderful, but theft sucks royally, and eliminating chances of having this script picked up sucks even more. I'm just not sure. Well, I'm looking into it.

In the meantime, I've gotten back to work on chapter 5. Can you believe it? I'm already on chapter 5! That's so cool. I love the fact I can write fast and I'm not the type to take years just to produce a single chapter. If I were that type, I would get so frustrated with myself. I love writing fast :)

Since I've gotten far enough with this one, I'm finding it's the same case as chapter 4. Too much for one chapter, move on to next chapter. More than likely, at this point, it would be best to just keep writing regardless of chapter number.

And here I go, diving back into the story...

(Don't forget to get your entries ready and submitted to the Halloween Contest by Oct 30).

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