Thursday, September 2, 2010

How do you find Inspiration?

You don't. Same as trying to find enlightenment. You just don't. It's not like these things are sitting in a treasure box somewhere and you can say, "Hey everybody! I found Inspiration! And Enlightenment! They were sitting here this all time!"

Nah, doesn't work that way.

You don't find Inspiration, you achieve it. You earn it. If you've put yourself in a conductive environment, Inspiration will come to you. This is why many authors over the years consider Inspiration to be a real entity. It's also called "muse."

So, where the hell is my muse?

I'm not in the best state of mind. I need to adjust to new meds and I haven't been sleeping well. Last night was a bit better than the night before, but I'm a little out of it.

I spent most of yesterday thinking about chapter 5, plotting things and making notes. That process is usually a lot faster for me, I'm a tad slow. Which is probably an understatement.

Whenever my muse comes to me, it often makes a liar out of me. That's why I posted all of the above. Go on, Muse, make a liar out of me! I dare you!

On another note, I've been recommended Circalit to upload my screenplay. The admin just got back to me and sent a link to a document detailing the advantages to Ciralit. No copying of text, printing, etc, allowed. I can adjust who I want to view this screenplay. Lot of safety features.

So I'm feeling less paranoid about this. I'm thinking about uploading the opening scene, which isn't in the manuscript (novel) that I have in circulation. That way, the manuscript is still never seen before (a strict rule for traditional publishing) and just the opening scene doesn't give anything away for either the manuscript or the screenplay. I guess this would be a tease of sorts, but I just want to share with all of you :)

I'll keep you updated ;)

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