Monday, October 4, 2010


I freely admit the title of this post is for geeks who know a little Latin. Or, for those who do a google search ;)

I'm very happy to report I'm now working on chapter ten. Insert Kermit-style Yaaaay here. I'm quite relived to get to this point. I would say I'm past the quarter point and working toward the middle. It's a great feeling knowing I've gotten past all introductions and can let the story flow from here.

I have no idea if this is just me or not, but I can always tell where I am in the story based on what I've written so far. Granted, following a rough outline helps a lot with that. But I don't just mean the outline. I can tell based on how the story feels. Perhaps it's an intuitive thing. I've long since gotten to a point with my writing where some things I just know. Like, for example, I'm definitely past the quarter point *nods* How did I get to this point in my writing? Practice, practice, and more practice. Oh, and lots of practice.

While dedication is important, I'm also finding myself distracted. It's not easy having a vivid imagination and a background in graphic design. There's a lot to be said for having only one skill, at least your sanity is retained much better that way. My imagination is all over the place. Novel writing, screenplay, movies, graphic novel, cover design... sigh. Alas, there's only so many hats I can wear at any given time, and I can focus much better when I wear one hat only. Though truth be told, wearing a lot of hats at once can be so much fun...

Or maybe I just like play dress-up. I digress.

Even though I'm saving a lot info for the newsletter, I just wanted to post a couple of reminders.

HALLOWEEN CONTEST! DEADLINE OCT. 30TH SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN! As I put in the last newsletter, entries started coming in at the beginning of September. So don't leave it to the last minute, the judging of entries have already started. Remind your friends and get involved!

OCTOBER NEWSLETTER! SIGN UP NOW! The design of the next newsletter is far superior to the last one. You don't want to miss this. Sign up and be the first to see this info not seen anywhere else, delivered to your inbox!

Okay, that's it. Back to chapter 10...

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