Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

And the winners are...

Wait! I need to express my undying love for my favorite day of the year. If it were up to me, Halloween would be a stat holiday and we'd all get paid double time and a half for working on Halloween. It's only fair. Running out to the party and changing into a costume takes a lot of effort. We should be compensated! Okay, rant over.

I love Halloween =)

Now announcing the winners of the Halloween Contest!

Third Prize, Eden Fell arc, goes to Britannie for her lovely poem "Abracadabra."

"Abracadabra" --by: Brittanie Haslam

Concoctions only adumbrate
The calamity you're accruing,
In that cauldron that you covet
Where the wicked started brewing.
These frail incantations
Simply will not do--
The bewitched will soon sober
To the curse bestowed by you.

Abscond from disillusion
Take flight, perfidious broom!
Flee! Make haste in your cowardice,
To escape ignominious doom.

But before you evade the mob,
Any last spells? or sorcery to cast?
A witch's greed for power
Is vital, voracious, and vast.
Keep stirring the enchantment
Within that hot, bubbling blend
'Til the excess quickly amasses
A disaster you meant to wend.

With all your chants and charms,
To hide your hexes and hoaxes,
You cannot seem to fool me in
The contrivance of your coaxes.
Without the shroud of avarice
It's wise to retire the scheme,
'Cause abracadabra is much too worn
To hide your low self-esteem.
...spoOoky... and very well written...
Second Prize, Ethereal Tale zine, goes to Heidi for her photography of skeletons!

Omg it's the remains of the Loch Ness monster. Who killed Nessie? :o

First Prize, autographed copy of Eden Fell, goes to Stacy for her fantabulous Halloween art!

The sheer detail is downright frightening...

Congratulations to all and thank you for participating in the Halloween Contest!

And now, announcing some details of the next contest.

The Mid-Winter Contest! Don't freeze your buns of this winter, get warmed by my creativity. No work required, I do all the writing. Send in your ideas for a chance to win your own Ebook. Up to five winners and everyone gets a prize! The full details will be posted tomorrow.

Happy happy Halloween! Some want more Treats than Tricks, I want more Tricks than Treats! Muahahahaha...

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