Friday, November 12, 2010

Horror vs Sci-fi - solution found!

I had been struggling with this for awhile now. My current writing project is post-apocalypse, set in the near future. It's very important to respect genre above all else, which I detailed in previous posts, so you already know about that. In a blinding flash of enlightenment, I realized what was holding me back and what was confusing me on the whole debate.

This story is not sci-fi, in the sense of Star Trek. No aliens, no new species, no new languages, or anything like that. However, the story does involve a decent amount of science and medical fiction. But it's not sci-fi...?

And then I realized what I use in this story is actually nature science. Something that I personally find fascinating, especially combined with the psychology of human behaviour.

Alas, Nature Sci-fi is not a genre. Maybe it will be invented once I finish this project and publish ;) But for the meantime, that genre doesn't exist.

So! I've decided it's best to call the project Post-Apocalypse Horror, sub-genres of Nature Sci-fi and Human Psychology.

I feel so much better now :D

And no one knows what the hell I'm talking about... *twiddles thumbs*

P.S I'm working hard on revisions for my website so I can announce the next contest very soon.

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