Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mid-Winter Contest!

In the spirit of giving, I've designed this contest so that everyone is a winner! Enter a draw for the chance to win many different prizes! No work required, just entre your name and email for the draw!



To enter just fill out the form here:


December 17th, 2010


First prize is a big one! Autographed copies of Eden Fell and Ethereal Tales #9 which has my winning story “Tearing the Wings.” First prize winner gets BOTH mailed out them, gift wrapped and everything. (I won't put on a pink bow, don't push your luck). First prize will be mailed out by January 1st, 2011. Happy New Year's!

Second prize is either a PDF of Tearing the Wings or the Eden Fell ARC. You choose! Whatever you want!

About Tearing the Wings: This is a short story I submitted for the Ethereal Tales Christmas Competition and can be seen in Issue #9. Tearing of the Wings won first place! You can read an exerpt on the Shorty Stories page.

These could be yours! Enter today!

***Winners will be chosen randomly. The sooner you enter, the greater chance of winning a prize. The first prize winner will be contacted about their mailing address, no need to submit a mailing address beforehand.


  1. Just blogged it! Spam away! And, how the heck to I enter, and your website is SOOO are SOOO talented....

  2. Thanks so much! :D To enter, just fill out the form. Link provided at the beginning of above post :)


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