Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Side Characters

Not that much to report today. All I'm doing is fleshing out the rough draft of chapter 1. I should be done and start chapter 2 by tomorrow. Basically, this is author editing work. Not the editing authors do for the editor at a publishing company, that will come much later. This is my own editing,what no one ever sees, something no one but me can decide on. It's my responsibility as the author. And honestly, I love this kind of work. (I'm such a geek).

I get a real kick out of side characters. They always fascinate me. Of course, it's easy to put a little too much into side characters - full names, back story, personality, etc. I often find myself having to ask, Is this relevant to the plot? Does it matter at all? If I answer 'no' then I'll slim down the character. After all, the only point of side characters is plot and main character development. In my personal opinion, putting too much info into a side character the reader would only see once, is unprofessional. Sure, I can write anything and fully develop any character, but that doesn't meant that I should.

The main story and the main character are the most important aspects.

My daily mantra is, Follow the KISS rule!

Keep It Simple Stupid....

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