Thursday, August 5, 2010

A tweaking we will go

So I've fleshed out chapter 1 as much as I can. I know there should probably be more, but it's hard to tell what should be put into the first chapter and what should be saved for a later chapter. Some things belong in a certain chapter and some things don't. But I'm not worried about that. The point is to just keep writing and start the next chapter after a natural end has been reached. And it has, so I'm moving on.

If I spent all my time on a single chapter, I'd never finish the whole story. I shudder at that thought.

RANDOM SIDE NOTE: This has nothing to do with the current writing project. On a message forum for poetry I was confronted by someone I've named "poetry dud." And I just wanted to say, despite this guy's ridiculous beliefs, all forms of poetry IS subjective, dammit.

Thanks for reading.

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